Horse Senior

Food multiparticle, formulated to meet the requirements and special features of horses at an advanced age. It contains alfalfa hay pellets in its composition, good quality fiber and reinforcement in the intake of trace minerals and vitamins and joint enhancers. Low starch content, preventing diabetes and other problems related to old age. It contains EquiComplex pellets.

Product highlights

Food whose composition is aimed at a low starch content, great fiber quality at good levels, in order to meet the characteristics and needs of older animals, also serving for situations of convalescent horses or at rest.


Corn (flaked), Corn, Wheat bran, Rice bran, Soybean meal, Alfalfa, Molasses, Soybean hulls, Limestone, Bicalcic phosphate, Salt, DL-Methionine, L-Lysine, Vitamin A, Vitamin D3, Vitamin E, Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Biotin, Copper sulphate, Iron sulphate, Calcium iodate, Manganese Monoxide, Sodium selenite, Cobalt sulphate, Zinc oxide, Ethoxyquin, Calcium propionate, Potasium sorbate, Kaolin, Probiotics.

Possible substitutes: Broken rice, Corn gluten meal, Sorghum, Barley, Wheat flour, Oats, Wheat, Wheat middlings, Rye, Triticale, Pearl Millet, Linseed, Corn germ meal, Linseed bran, Soybean (toasted), Defatted rice bran, Malt sprouts, Rice oil, Corn oil, Soybean oil, Oat hulls, Rice Hulls, Suggar, Betaine, L-Threonine.


Technical information

Moisture (max) 120g/kg (12%), Crude protein (min) 120g/kg (12%), Fat (min) 50g/kg (5%), Fiber (max) 160g/kg (16%), ADF (max) 192g/kg (19.2%), Ash (max) 100g/kg (10%), Calcium (min) 10g/kg (1%), Calcium (max) 15g/kg (1.5%), Phosphorus (min) 7000mg/kg (0.7%), Digestible energy (min),  2850kcal/kg, Methionine (min) 1800mg/kg, Lysine (min) 6000mg/kg, Gamma Oryzanol (min) 450mg/kg, Saccharomyces cerevisiae (min) 5x10E9UFC/kg, Vitamin A (min) 9000UI/kg, Vitamin D3 (min) 1800UI/kg, Vitamin E (min) 180UI/kg, Vitamin B1 (min) 9mg/kg, Vitamin B2 (min) 7.2mg/kg, Biotin (min) 3mg/kg, Copper (min) 30mg/kg, Iron (min) 78mg/kg, Iodine (min) 0.75mg/kg, Manganese (min) 96mg/kg, Selenium (min) 0.3mg/kg, Cobalt (min) 0.21mg/kg, Zinc (min) 120mg/kg.


Intended use

The quantity to be supplied varies depending on the weight, age and physical condition of the animal, forrage availability, work and / or activity performed. On average 1kg for every 100kg of body weight daily.




Alta Performance

A line consisting of high performance products, destined for animals assigned to equestrian activities that involve greater demands. This line offers foods with modern nutrient profiles, prepared with the most suitable raw materials, meeting animals in growth, reproduction, activity and even for older equids. Cooking and rolling grains, molassing and the use of extruded particles, as energy sources, is a strong characteristic of the high-performance line.