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Nhock Family Free Dyes

Products from the Nhock-Nhock Junior, Nhock Mini and Nhock Classic line - which until recently had red particles in their composition, were produced without dyes. In this reformulation, other adjustments were made in its process and composition to improve the quality and palatability of this line. Still, the adult dog product Nhock Classic now has 20% crude protein. This change is the result of requests and suggestions received from customers for a long time, seeking more and more products free of dyes, which have exclusively visual appeal, without nutritional gain. Although this change has been in effect since October 2017, there were a number of packages already produced, in which the printed image of the product still contained the particles in both colors. In these packages, an adhesive is being affixed communicating the packaging transition and withdrawal of the dyes. The suitability of the packages (change in the basic composition and adjustment of the product image) is being carried out as new packaging is being produced. The products, after this reformulation, have the following particulate composition: - Nhock Junior: he stayed all over with the natural, cushioned particle. - Nhock Classic: he stayed all over with the natural, cushioned particle. - Nhock Mini: remained the bone and cushion formats, but now both in the natural coloration.